To my cover-exchanging friends, please try as much as possible to
as these give a more personal touch to the cover
the Philippine postal service damages the cover with scribbling that highly devalues the aesthetic value of the cover, which is what I am after
or at least same themes when sending covers, but it is okay if this is not possible or if this would be expensive, and
not too small, but maybe around 4"x6" or something like that; big envelopes are not very attractive unless they have many stamps.
Thank you!


Off on Vacation

Hello again!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be off on vacation till the thitteenth (13th) of November. This means I won't be able to receive, mail, or email any exchanges until I get back. But, no worries: I will reply to all mails received.

Since I expect a rather large volume of mail to flood my PO box during my one month of absence, I thought it would be a good idea to post scans of the covers I have received as of the moment to keep from being behind schedule once more. Funny how I have to do this twice!

Well, anyway, here are the scans. Enjoy!

Registered cover posted from Model Town, Delhi on 23 Sept 05.
Thanks Ranjit!

My first cover from Cyprus sent from Paralimni on 25 Sep 08.
Thank you very much, Demetris!

A nice FDC sent from Viet Nam on 18 Sep 08. I find it curious that instead of applying the special cancel bearing the date of issue, they instead postmarked it at Hue (the place where the festival featured is held) with a regular postmark but still bearing the date of issue of 03 June.... Why is that? Also, the odd franking in red that reads in both Vietnamese and French, roughly translated in English as: "Found with lumps." I wonder what that means. At first I took it to mean that the envelope had some bulky enclosures, but all that was inside was a small piece of paper. Odd.....
Anyway, thanks to Tram Ha for the favor!

FDC sent from Kuala Lumpur on 23 Sep 08. Notice the postmark celebrating Eid Al-Fit'r. Serves as a reminder of Malaysia's predominantly Muslim population.
Thanks, Kow Siew Lan!

Here's another Scouting FDC; remember the last one was scratched with a pen and not postmarked? Thankfully, my friend was kind enough to send another one over.
Thanks again, Siew Lan!

Here's a cover I've been wanting to have for quite some time now, but unfortunately, it didn't arrive in very good condition. As you can see, the souvenir sheet is crumpled (perhaps it was too wet when applied or maybe it got damp in transit?). Also the cover is a little bent since no carboard or sheet of paper was inserted and this is a rather large cover so there is a tendency for it to be bent. But, nevertheless, it is still a very nice cover and souvenir sheet.
Thanks to David Hsueh for this one!

Nice cover with special postmark sent from Pori on 26 Sept. Although I do not usually collect flora and fauna stamps, I found this set to be quite interesting. Perhaps it is the layout of the envelope and the neat cancellation. I guess presentation value really does matter!
Thanks to the sender, a fellow CCCC member!

Sent from Winona, ON, on 23 Sep 08. This is the first Canadian cover that I received with a special postmark. I have grown used to seeing the large, rectangular cancels used at post office windows and outlets and I never knew that Canada Post also had these nice pictorial cancels. Excellent cover! Thanks, fellow CCCC member!

And here, to wrap up my post before I leave is a cover sent from Jakarta on 22 Sep 08. Notice the pro-environment campaign stamp to the left. I find the slogan rather cheesy, though, but hey, maybe that's just me! Thanks to Nadia W. for this nice cover!

Happy collecting!

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